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Fuck Buttons

Fuck Buttons is a two-piece experimental group formed in Bristol, England in early 2004 by Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power.

Immediately after forming, Fuck Buttons started to play live whenever possible, soon amassing a dedicated cult following throughout the UK. Time Out magazine described the band's live sound as "adrenaline pumping, ear purging slab of towering, pristine noise…" The duo signed to All Tomorrow's Parties-affiliated ATP Recordings in 2007, and released a limited-edition 7" single named "Bright Tomorrow", which received complimentary reviews from such sources as Drowned in Sound, Pitchfork Media (who described it as "something like the sun rising over the ocean... then going supernova"), Mojo (it became their #1 Mojo Playlist Single for that month) and Stereogum.

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Fuck Buttons 2009

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