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The Gothsicles

The Gothsicles are an electronic band from Chicago, Illinois, USA. Their music is generally of the electronic music variety, but deals thematically with more humorous topics than their contemporaries, often writing about classic videogaming or lampooning the musical conventions of the genre. 2009 saw the release of their latest album “Sega Lugosi’s Dead” on WTII Records. Sega Lugosi’s Dead features guest appearances from Prometheus Burning, Cyanotic, The Dark Clan and unwittingly, Caustic. In addition to the album tracks, Sega Lugosi’s Dead contains remixes from Alter der Ruine, System Syn, Iszoloscope, Boole, and DEFCON.

— “The Gothsicles, formerly and soon to be again from Madison, were second to last and, as they have a propensity for doing, stole the show.” - Sean Bunny, Rick’s Cafe

— “…the best gothic-industrial-nerdcore-comedy band in the multiverse…” - Scarybug, Nerdcore: The Core Wars

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Gothsicles @ Resistanz Festival

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