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Reversing the meaning of a Sanskrit word for peace and harmony among all creatures, HIMSA's name now rightfully dubs them the bearers of rage and wrath, essentially translating to "living life with the most amount of harm and evil possible." With a name embodying the very nature of heavy metal, the HIMSA of this day and age have earned themselves the name they've had since 1998 through constant touring and undying devotion to the band's cause.

Through the course of eight years, fads have come and gone, and musical tastes within metal have shifted like the tides. But all along, HIMSA's veins have undoubtably flowed with metal. One foot of the band's collective conscious has been continually striding forward to lead an ever-evolving metal scene, while the other has remained planted in their old-school roots.

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Past and future dates this band has played:

Himsa 2008

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