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The Apples

Surprised audiences are dancing and laughing from the first adrenalized downbeat. The Apples weave big band jazz into raw grooves and exciting scratch routines and into the mix they might throw anything from Ray Charles samples to traditional Jewish Kleizmer melodies. There’s always a sense of risk and adventure as the roles of solo and backing instruments change at the blink of an eye to any of the nine members. Initially a spontaneous composition ensemble, they’ve created an unusual blend of funk, jazz and electronic music, forgoing the traditional use of guitar, keyboards and vocals. Instead, they center around 4 turntables, flanked by a sharp horn section served up by thick double bass lines and steadfast drum beats, fed through an attentive sound console and organic effects. Over the last six years they’ve claimed unprecedented feats for an Israeli instrumental live band, have inspired an avalanche of local groove artists, released two full length albums - "MITZ" (2003) and "ATTENTION!" (2005) - and have become the ones to look out for on the international live circuit.

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The Apples 2008

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