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Gold Kids

 GOLD KIDS saw the light at the beginning of 2006 in the city of Cagliari, Italy. The main goal of this band was, and still is giving a voice to all those personal regrets and anger that had needed to be released.

Life in our island isn’t easy due to the vast distance between the mainland and us. We are far from the many influential music scenes, in which we have to cross the ocean to reach.

Touring as much as we can became our best weapon to escape from this physical and cultural isolation So far we've accomplished five European tours, twice in both Scandinavia and United Kingdom.

We have had the privilege to share the stage with numerous bands such as Modern Life Is War, Rise and fall, The Legacy, Killing the Dream, Dead Swans, The Hoods, Caliban, 100 Demons, Ruiner, Outbreak, November Coming Fire, Life Long Tragedy, Cloak Dagger and more!

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