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All the grunge/alt/metal/emo/pop punk/melodic hc/90's/80's/industrial/classics you could ever dream of.....all in one place......phew!!!!

Main Room : Satellite

DJ L8N & DJ Pete bring you Alternative, Grunge and Nu metal right up to modern day big singles' with a twist of both 90’s and classics.  All the rock and alternative you could ever need in one room.

Upstairs : Mystery Machine

Classic and current Indie floor fillers.

Small Room : Mode

A hybrid of alternative 80's retro, electronic and industrial with DJ Presley (Gary Numan. Eddies, Birmingham. Reptile, London).

Small Room : RevolutioN - 1st Saturday of every month

Industrial, Electro, Hard Dance

10pm - 3am - Vodka + Mixer 80p b4 midnight! - Red Stripe £3 - Jagerbombs £2 - Jagermeister £1.50 - Double Jack Daniels + Cola £3

Sat 10 March 2007

Submitted by Clarence ...more



Some faces from our regular Goth, Industrial and EBM night. ...more


Resevoir Rocks

A selection from our archives ...more


Halloween Res Rocks 2007

Resevoir Shocks more likely.... ...more


SyN 2008

By Mark Burton. ...more


Halloween at SYN 2008

Submitted by prot0_str ...more



Subtitle moves upstairs for the first time... ...more


Saturday Night Gangstas

The Mob turns up to put the heat on Resevoir Rocks. ...more


Halloween 2007 Res Rocks

Submitted by Caroline ...more



Submitted by cure2k@msn.com ...more


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