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The legendary Drop, bringing you the latest and best in alternative tunes since the dawn of time!!

Main Room : Room 1

DJ Phyll Presents the daddy of all alternative nights. You want it, you got it, a mish-mash of everything you ever dreamed of in one night. Wear whatever, dance however, be yourself! Weekend crazyness at ear-splitting volume, this is life lived at its loudest! With drink offers all night, DROP helps ensure your weekend starts in a pile of puke!

Upstairs : Room 2

An all new room full of fun for everyone.  Dj Bug is mashing up music in his own inimitable style.  Expect a fantastic blend of dance, indie, pop & soul vibes.

Upstairs : Local Authority

9pm - 3am - Only £1 entry before 10.30pm - DJ Presley delivers the unique mixture of Pop, Disco and 80’s tunes that has made the welcome return of this night a must.

Small Room : Fracture

DJ Jim with the alternative to the alternative, Fracture brings you the TRUE underground. Hardcore, punk and emo sounds. This is the Fractured edge.

10pm - 3am - Vodka + Mixer 80p b4 midnight! - Carlsberg Pint £2 - Jagermeister £1.50 - Jagerbombs £2, Red Stripe £3

Mystery Machine 2007 by Dan

Pictures taken by guest photographer Dan Sumption.  More pics at www.danshotme.com ...more


Halloween Drop 2007

Take a Devilish Drop at Halloween.... ...more


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