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It might be Monday, but that's no reason to be down, Ms Brown.  Not with our regular mash-up of all your music favorites and...

Main Room: #Hashtag

Room 1 - Pop Mixes, Mashups, Chart, Dance Room 2 - Hip Hop, Urban, Gr ...more

Upstairs: Room 2

Room 2 - A mash up of cool vibes with DJ Bug playin Hip Hop, Urban & G ...more

Upstairs: Local Authority (The White Room)

DJ Pete brings you the best Alternative Anthems, Pop Punk & Indie ...more

10pm - 3am  - Vodka + Mixer 80p b4 midnite! - Jagerbombs £2 - Jagermeister £1.50

Wednesdays: Skool Disco

The one and only original Skool Disco, now celebrating over 23 years of the longest runnning, biggest, bubblegum pop nights o...

Main Room: DJ Paul Tilly

Skools out, and its time to do some serious Music and Biology revision ...more

Upstairs: DJ Bug

More Skool Disco madness upstairs with the amazing DJ Jake Bug playing ...more

Upstairs: DJ Luke Westnidge

DJ Luke Westnidge bringing you everything current and comercial from h ...more

Vodka & Mixer: 80p b4 midnight.

Jagermeister: £1.50

Jagerbombs: £2

Skool Uniform = plain white shirt + tie.

10:00pm till 10:30pm - £1 entry in Skool Uniform (plain white shirt + tie).

10:30pm till 12:00am - £3 entry in Skool Uniform  (plain white shirt + tie).

12:00am onwards £5 no discounts.


The legendary Drop, bringing you the latest and best in alternative tunes since the dawn of time!!...

Main Room: Room 1

DJ Phyll Presents the daddy of all alternative nights. You want it, yo ...more

Upstairs: Room 2

An all new room full of fun for everyone.  Dj Bug is mashing up music ...more

Upstairs: Local Authority

9pm - 3am - Only £1 entry before 10.30pm - DJ Presley delivers the un ...more

Small Room: Fracture

DJ Jim with the alternative to the alternative, Fracture brings you t ...more

10pm - 3am - Vodka + Mixer 80p b4 midnight! - Carlsberg Pint £2 - Jagermeister £1.50 - Jagerbombs £2, Red Stripe £3


Rock, Pop Punk, Glam, Metal & Classics, 80's, Dance, Industrial, Indie, Hip Hop & Club Classics all in one night!!! Phew!!!...

Main Room: Dirty Deeds

DJ L8N & DJ Pete bring you Rock, Pop Punk, Glam, Metal & Classics ...more

Upstairs: Room 2

DJ Bug plays the best in Indie, Hip Hop & Club Classics ...more

Small Room: Mode

A hybrid of alternative 80's retro, electronic and industrial with DJ ...more

Small Room: RevolutioN - 1st Saturday of every month

Industrial, Electro, Hard Dance ...more

10pm - 3am - Vodka + Mixer 80p b4 midnight! - Red Stripe £3 - Jagerbombs £2 - Jagermeister £1.50 - Double Jack Daniels + Cola £3

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