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The Great Exhibition feat. Northern Oak

+ The Prophecy + Old Corpse Road + Eibon la Furies

Errant Tentacles Promotions is proud to present the Sheffield stop of the Great Exhibition Tour featuring the finest underground metal acts the UK currently boasts.

Headlining on their home turf is Sheffield’s own NORTHERN OAK, returning with their unique brand of progressive folk metal and promoting their latest album, 'Monuments'. Famed for their flutes and fine attire they seamlessly merge haunting folk melodies with thrashy, black metal inspired riffs to create an evocative sound that will set your soul aflame.

THE PROPHECY are an internationally renowned progressive doom/death metal band from Yorkshire. Merging heavy technical riffing, aggression and melancholy the listener is immersed in an epic atmosphere of darkness and light.  Currently in their tenth year of existance, and having spent a lot of time overseas,The Prophecy, are looking forward to getting back to the British Underground!

Hailing from the North East are Old Corpse Road. A fiery brand of classic British black metal with elements of folk, death, ambient and classic metal, their energetic and diverse set is designed to draw the listener deep into our forgotten tales and legends. Already having a highly praised demo and split release with the Meads of Asphodel under their belts and a healthy string of previous live dates across the UK including Bloodstock Open Air in 2010 the band set to show the world that British black metal is very much alive.

Finally, created by Lord Eibon Blackwood around his interests in occult philosophy, Victorian pioneering and esoteric ascendance; EIBON LA FURIES encapsulates a love for musical avant-garde singularity, progressive black metal and classical ambience. Having built up a well respected reputation in the growing UK Black Metal scene with appearances at festivals, including Bloodstock and the largest UK Steampunk Festival ‘Weekend at the Asylum’, they will deliver a show of fire, Victorian magic and virtuoso extreme metal musicianship.

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Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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