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Danny Vaughn

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Danny Vaughn is an American singer. Vaughn has performed with Waysted, Tyketto and Vaughn. Now performs and releases under his own name. He is also a lead singer in the Illegal Eagles, and in the UK's Eagles tribute band Ultimate Eagles..

The latest line up of Vaughn's backing band consists of guitarist Tony Marshall (ex-Contagious), Pat Heath (ex-Brave New World), Steve McKenna (ex-Ten) and Lee Morris (ex-Paradise Lost). This line up recorded and released the The Traveller album in February 2007. Vaughn and Marshall started the promotion of the album by doing a two man acoustic tour opening up for Journey's UK tour in March. The whole band toured throughout the UK in May and June 2007.

Though not formally reunited Tyketto have played mini-tours in both 2004 and 2007. In April, 2008 the band played in Brazil with a further performance planned for Firefest V in Nottingham in October, 2008.

Though primarily known for his work with the above bands, Vaughn has also released albums with Flesh & Blood (Blues for Daze) and From the Inside (From the Inside). A new From the Inside album entitled "Visions" was released in July of 2008.

In 2003 Vaughn played the part of Lancelot on Gary Hughes's rock opera Once and Future King Part I.

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Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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Danny Vaughn

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