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Gary Numan @ 02 Academy, Sheffield

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Gary Numan is set to release a new DVD, Machine Music: The Best of Gary Numan on 11 June, 2012.

This limited edition DVD will bring together for the first time promos and some TV appearences from right across his career, including the pioneering videos made for tracks such as 'We Are Glass' and 'I Die:You Die', right up to more recent promos 'The Fall' ( from the 2011 Dead Son Rising album) and the Battles Collaboration 'My Machines.'

The DVD will initially be sold on the Machine Music Tour which runs from late May into early June and will feature a one-off set, based around Gary Numan's singles over the last 33 years, and material from the recent Dead Son Rising album.

Numan will be supported by Officers at all the shows except for Dublin. Their On The Twelve Thrones album was a personal favourite of Numan's last year: "Great melodies, powerful, dark. I've been waiting quite a while for something this good".

Fans and film-makers can participate in this unique event by making visuals to be projected during a selection of tracks on the tour. These songs are 'This Wreckage', 'Bombers', 'Bersekers, 'Call Out The Dogs', 'Warriors' and 'Dominion Day'.

We're looking for ideas, however abstract, that illustrate the tracks via the on-stage projection screen as part of the show - please no images of Gary Numan - these are for the staging of the shows, not promo videos.

The format is 16:9 widescreen and HD. Gary will choose the best films to be screened at all the shows on the tour. If you wish to participate in this then please send links to your films to the management contact address of www.numan.co.uk. Please don't send us any files, as we won't have time to look at them: we just want to see your ideas on a You Tube or Vimeo link.

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Doors 6:30PM, age 14+


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