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Steak Number Eight

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With an average age of just 18, STEAK NUMBER EIGHT is probably the youngest hard-rock band in Belgium to enjoy genuine national success, becoming one of the country’s biggest rock bands. Over the last year they have started to make waves in the UK, receiving rave reviews for their “All Is Chaos” album, and dropping jaws with their live shows.


With a confidence and professionalism far beyond what one would expect from such a young band, STEAK NUMBER EIGHT’s live performance is more of an experience than a show - enormous, hard-hitting riffs sandwiched between moody, atmospheric interludes, with the band themselves reminiscent of what a supergroup consisting of members of Isis, Mastodon and Killing Joke might sound like if fronted by a young Kurt Cobain.


STEAK NUMBER EIGHT gained their national success with a victory in the most important Belgian Battle of the Bands, “Humo’s Rock Rally”, when they were only 16 years old, making them the youngest winners of the competition ever. Regardless their niche genre, they had a hit with their song “Blood On Our Hands” from their debut album.


In 2011they went to Seattle to record their second album with the acknowledged producer Matt Bayles, who worked with bands like Mastodon and Isis. This resulted in a critically acclaimed second album: “All Is Chaos”.


Since November 2011, “All Is Chaos” is available in the UK and got well received by the music press. Magazines like Metalhammer, Terrorizer and PowerPlay gave it favourable reviews and the few shows they played in London resulted in flabbergasted attendees. STEAK NUMBER EIGHT is now ready to conquer the rest of the UK with a musical offensive in 2012.

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Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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