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Easter Sunday Clubing Extravaganza

Clunge presents an Easter Sunday extravaganza; DMX Krew, Richard H Kirk, Ralph Razor, Rough Disco, Dean Muhsin and more....

Dirty Cheese room:  

DMX Krew (Breakin' Records)
Richard H Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire)
Ralph Razor (Razor Stiletto)
Rich C90 (C90)
Si + Oli (Dirty Cheese)

Cargo room:
Johnny T (Urban Gorilla)
Dean Muhsin (Codex/AKA)
Kassien (Cargo)
Ryan Johnson (Cargo)

Rough Disco room:
Rough Disco 4-Way Electronic Pile-Up
+ special guests

Tickets available from Forever Changes, Jacks Records and Syd + Mallory.

Doors 10:30PM, age 18+


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