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Cult of Luna

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In Spring 2013, Cult of Luna will return with their first new studio album in
nearly 5 years.
Cult of Luna is a Swedish post-metal band from Umeå. They formed from the
remnants of a Umeå hardcore punk band called Eclipse in 1998. They slowly
garnered critical appreciation and underground popularity with early releases
Cult of Luna (2001) and The Beyond (2003); however, it is 2004's Salvation
that can be considered their 'breakthrough' release. By cutting down on the
somewhat esoteric use of aggression so indicative of doom, it appealed to a
new group of fans. Its calmer sound has earned it favourable reviews in the
mainstream music press, a reputation built upon for the release of
Somewhere Along the Highway in 2006, another largely well-received album.
In August 2006, the band released a remake of "Marching to the Heartbeats"
from Somewhere Along the Highway entitled "Heartbeats" solely on the
internet community MySpace. The song was available for download for a few
days and was later removed. The point was to see if the song would be kept
alive by file sharing, and was also apparently a statement against the
conservative music industry, says keyboardist Anders Teglund in an interview.
In 2008 the band released its fifth album, Eternal Kingdom. It was released in
Europe on June 16, followed by its release in the United States on July 8.
In 2009 they released a DVD including a live performance from 2008, an
interview with the band, as well as all of the band's videos.
On October 18, 2009, the band announced that their next release would be
Eviga riket, a hardback book/audiobook covering the story and themes from
Eternal Kingdom. The book and audiobook are bilingual, printed and spoken
both in Swedish and English. The audiobook contains new pieces of music
and soundscapes written by the band. Eviga riket was released the 23 of
February 2010.

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Her Name Is Calla - View

Humanfly - View

Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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