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Spock's Beard

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Spock’s Beard is a band formed in 1992 in Los Angeles by brothers Neal and Alan Morse. Neal (keyboards/vocals) and Alan (guitars) were joined by fellow musicians Nick D’Virgilio (Nick D’Virgilio, drums - also known as NDV) and Dave Meros (bass), and were later joined by veteran keyboardist Ryo Okumoto.

Spock’s Beard play a brand of progressive rock with pop music leanings, drawing much influence from Genesis and The Beatles. They are also well known for their intricate multi-part vocal harmonies and use of counterpoint much in the vein of Gentle Giant. They’ve released records like the acclaimed The Kindness of Strangers and V before releasing the epic concept album Snow, which also marked the departure of leader and main composer Neal Morse for a solo career as a Christian artist.

After the departure of Neal Morse, the frontman role was taken on by Nick D’Virgilio. The ‘new’ lineup has released four more studio albums: Feel Euphoria, Octane, Spock’s Beard and X.
On tour, the band is supported by drummer Jimmy Keegan, leading to occasional drum duets/duels between him and Nick D’Virgilio (which can be compared to Phil Collins and Chester Thompson at Genesis concerts; drummer Collins also took the lead singer role, after original frontman Peter Gabriel left the band).

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Doors 6:30PM, age 14+


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