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Madina Lake

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Madina Lake has officially announced plans for a final EP and a

"Farewell UK Tour".  Tentatively titled "Buena Fortuna", the band is

expecting a Fall release to coincide with the tour which kicks off in

September.  Front man Nathan Leone says "It's been a majestic run and

we couldn't be happier or more grateful for everything we've been able

to accomplish as Madina Lake".  He want on to add "that as sad as it

is to be closing this chapter,  we're much more excited to open the

next one".

"Buena Fortuna: marks the bands 5th release in almost 10 years

together.  Debut LP, "From Them Through Us to You" introduced an

ambitious trilogy concept which continued with 2009's "Attics to Eden"

and concluded with 2011's  "World War III".  In 2012 Madina Lake

released a book that spelled out the underlying storyline binding each

record called "Lila the Divine Game".

After almost 5 years on the road, the Chicago based band was forced on

haitus in 2010 when bassist Matthew Leone was nearly beaten to death

intervening in a domestic dispute.  "We'd toured relentlessly before

Matthew's incident and ever since, we decided to cut back dramatically

to ensure his full recovery."

In 2011, guitarist Mateo Camargo  briefly left the band for personal

reasons but returned for 2012's "Lila the Divine" tour in the UK.

"Buena Fortuna" which translates to "good luck" in Italian promises to

be an "elegant" finale to the band's tenure and they plan to announce

new endeavors shortly.

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Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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