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The Consortium Manifesto

The music industry is changing at the moment, particularly with respect to new bands. In the short term, it has and will continue to be hard for up and coming bands to break through into the larger scene. The Consortium is aiming to meet this by pooling fan bases and efforts instead of going with an outdated tradition of competing for fans sadly still adopted by so many. The aim is to pool resources and efforts in order to build one another’s profiles whilst promoting their respective albums and to bring exciting rock music closer to wider audiences. The main aim of the tour is to show that bands can work together in the economic climate to the greater success of all on the live music circuit. All the artists involved have extensive experience of touring and setting up tours both in the UK and Europe.

And thus … The Tour is named “The Consortium Tour” because it represents the unity, equality and respect shared by all members for one another and most importantly for YOU, the audience members and music lovers who make it all worthwhile.

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Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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