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Coming on with the power and force of a wrecking ball, Silverjet are a four piece Hard Rock band
from Sheffield. Their own brand of high voltage, viscerally exciting and passionate bluesy
hard rock has seen them go down an absolute storm all over the UK, Europe and America.
Mixing ballsy riffing, powerful vocals and a rhythm section as tight as you could wish for the
band play a heady brew of hook filled classic rock with a real swagger.

Creating a massive buzz in the famous South Yorkshire city, they’ve released three critically
acclaimed albums, two EPs and have supportedBuckcherry, The Quireboys, Bonafide, Hanoi Rocks, The
Dogs D’amour, House of Lords, Pretty Boy Floyd, White Lion and Mountain amongst others.

Whilst their recorded material has been much critically acclaimed, it’s the band’s live shows
that really illustrate what they’re best at. Each gig is played with the same utter commitment
and enthusiasm, matched with a genuine enjoyment that is totally infectious. Seeing a
Silverjet show reminds you of just why you love rock music in the first place and leaves you
sweaty, with aching feet, a sore throat, ringing ears and a huge grin.

You owe it to yourself to check them out. Seriously. In this world of manufactured, so
called ‘Talent’ show acts here’s a band that’s REAL and they’re good! VERY good! You
can’t ask more than that.

videoSilverjet - View

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Teenage Casket Company - View

Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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