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Goat Leaf

+ Cut Your Wings + The Verals + Regulus

Goat Leaf love to play! Set up the stage, rev the mighty atomic engine of their Heavy Groove Vehicle and let loose like four sonic dogs of rock ‘n’ roll.
But just who or what are Goat Leaf? They are master builders of volume; their songs are carved from stone and born in the dark heart of South Yorkshire, England, yet speak the universal language of space, speed, love and murder.
You can find them in cyberspace if you like, at all the usual hang outs. You can be sure too that they would like to hear from you too.
Get a taste of the Goat Leaf. It’s pretty intoxicating stuff.

Goat Leaf - View

The Verals - View

Regulus - View

Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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