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Oddball - 21st October

Bug + Fathom + Timeline


It might be Monday, but that's no reason to be down, Ms Brown.  Not with our regular mash-up of all your alternative music favorites and bar prices so low it's enough to make you forget all about Mondays!


Main Room : Oddball

DJ Pete delivers a head-on collision of the best, the stupidest and the most unexpected in Sk8, Ska-punk and metal. Dance-floor fillers and mosh-pit thrillers with the emphasis on PARTY! Oddball is debauchery on a grand scale


Upstairs : Bug 

A mash up of cool vibes with DJ Bug playin Drum 'n' Bass, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Pop & Reggae.


Small Room : Timeline 

DJ Stocky & DJ Rob Daniels playing an eclectic mix that you’re unlikely to hear anywhere else! From stoner to dubstep this room plays what it likes, when it likes. Where the cutting edge meets the pick of the past stopping at every station along the way.


Upstairs : Fathom

An eclectic mix of deep house and electronica,  with a twist at the end.

Doors 10:00PM, age 18+


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