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These are exciting times for rock and metal fans in the UK. The last few years have seen a huge explosion of young bands from every corner of the country, each with their own distinctive sound born from a devotion to both the heaviest and best music of the past and the freshness and vitality that always emerges when a musical movement embarks on a major step along its evolutionary path. British heavy music is basking in the blaze of a new golden age. And that’s where Sondura come in….

“This is a great time to be a rock band in the UK,” states frontman Tom Watson. “Anyone who likes rock and metal will be able to relate to what we do. We know we can take this all the way…”

Formed by Tom and his younger brother, guitarist Jack, Sondura have the songs, the sound and the dedication to become the next big British rock band. Having been through a couple of bass players, a settled line-up eventually came together and they found their true direction - propelled along furiously by the air-tight rhythm section of bassist Steve Dillon and drummer Fred Green. Late in 2012 they added a new member in Luke Genders on guitar. Already a friend, having toured with Sondura in his previous band, Jack says: “Luke added a final touch to the band, a sparkle if you like, especially live.”

The quintet have struck upon a uniquely powerful and accessible signature sound that combines the crushing, belligerent sonic might of ‘Black Album’-era Metallica with the incisive radio-friendly sensibilities of Foo Fighters, Nickelback or Alter Bridge and the edgy verve of Hundred Reasons; a fresh and invigorating collision of styles that deserve to propel Sondura towards rock stardom.

Ultimately, for Sondura - the name means ‘hard sound’ - it’s all about the power of the song. As showcased on their debut album, Live Before You Die, the band had already developed an astute grasp of the melodic candour and dynamic oomph required to send shivers of recognition down the spine. An impressive statement of intent, it is nevertheless bettered by their brand new opus, Undivided. Commencing with the pure rush of exhilaration that is the new single We’re Here Now [showcased by Classic Rock magazine on their Unleashed – 15 Of The Hottest New Bands In Britain cover mount CD in the early summer of 2013], there is a dark, fluid swagger to its contents that can be heard in the album’s many highlights, including the brash and confident You Remain, the anthem-in-waiting Another Bottle Down and the insanely catchy Suffocating.

“We’re a melodic metal band with catchy hooks,” says Jack. “We want people to remember our songs. We want people to leave our gigs saying ‘For fuck’s sake! I can’t get that song out of my head!’, you know? That’s what it’s all about for us. We want to reach as many people as we can.” He concludes: “We want to go as far as we can, get out there and prove ourselves. We want to be big and we know we can do it.”

Sondura are perfectly placed to convert their ambition and devotion to the art of music making into genuine success. So while you’re listening to the new album, or soaking up their infectious energy at a show on their forthcoming UK tour, try to imagine a future where Sondura aren’t one of the UK’s biggest new bands. Can’t be done, can it?

Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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