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Bleating Apocalypse

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Bleating Apocalypse return to Corporation for an amzing Christmas party.

When drummer Wooden Chef left previous band, 'The Carpet Shop Boys' in 2006 due to a drug scandal and a fall out with fellow band member Torsten Mitton, he went straight to re-hab in Baisingstoke where Chef met future Bleeting Apocalpyse bassist, Mega Sologo, who was recovering from alcoholism. Sologo and Chef agreed that once out of Baisingstoke, they would form a new band.

Late 2007 brought about the closure of The Carpet Shop Boys after not being able to find a suitable replacement for Wooden Chef. Meanwhile, Chef and Sologo were on the way to looking for other band members to join. At this point they met their new rhythm guitar player, Barry "Arsebirth" Green, (known as Arsebirth when playing gigs or doing anthing music related.) Arsebirth at first was reluctant to join the band due to the style of music Chef and Sologo were intending to play, (metal, whereas Arsebirth prefers 70's disco.)

It seemed unlikely that Bleating Apocalypse were to go any further, due to a lack of support mainly from Arsebirth, and so the project was put on hold, with Chef playing only briefly with Motley Crue when Tommy Lee had a cold. In 2009, Sologo picked the project up again, re-uniting Chef, Arsebirth and himself. Believing that Chef had put his differences aside, Sologo invited Torsten Mitton to audition for the singer position in the band. Chef broke Mitton's arm at the audition and was duely arrested.

In January 2010, Chef was out of prison and met with Arsebirth and Sologo, eager to complete the band. They quickly found guitarist Bloody Sunday who happily accepted the position as lead. However, the singer position still remained. In May 2010, Chef did an interview with Kerrang! magazine to talk about his recovery from drugs, but admitted that he had used them on and off throughout recent months. After the interview was over, he met Canadian-English-Swiss-South African-Finish metal singer Tetanus Jabb in the Kerrang! green room, awaiting a Q and A session. Here, Chef told Jabb about his band prospects and invited Jabb to attend an audition.

By June, Jabb had been accepted as the lead singer of Bleating Apocalypse and was starting to record with the group. Their new album, "Pestilence in the Playground" is apparently being worked on now, according to Sunday, featuring the song, "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent."

In November 2012, Bleating Apocalypse redefined their name, theme and announced the release of 'Sheepcore'.

Doors 6:30PM, age 14+


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