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The Members

+ The Fuckwits + Bones Park Rider + Fat Piggy MC

Current line up - JC Caroll, Nigel Bennett, Chris Payne, Nick Cash....

Formed in Surrey, England, in the summer of 1977, the Members played at the Roxy and all the other Punk clubs on the london circuit. The original band -- composed of Nicky Tesco (vocals), Jean-Marie Caroll (guitar), Nigel Bennett (guitar), Adrian Lillywhite (drums), and Chris Payne (bass) -- was among the first to successfully blend reggae rhythms with punk's attitude and aggression.Their first Record Solitary confinement was releases on Stiff records in 1978 and is now a collectors item they then signed to Virgin Records Their first Virgin single, The Sound of the Suburbs, was a British Top Ten Hit selling 250,000 copies in 3 months (it has since sold 1,000,000 copies), Their first LP, Live at the Chelsea Nightclub, Was listed as one of the top 20 punk Lp's by record collector After one more album for Virgin in 1980, 1980 the Choice Is Yours, they moved to Martin Rushents Electro/80's Label Genetic to record to the classic Uprhythm, Downbeat (released in 1983 in the U.K. as Going West), broadening their sound with horns and a more serious attitude. Working Girl from the album was a huge hit in the usa. During the 80's the Members toured endlessly across north America experiencing the elation of huge shows in New York and Los Angeles. They hung out with with The Ramones and Blondie around the Kidney Shaped pool at the Hollywood motel where Sam Cooke was Shot,They Partied with Iggy Pop in New York, Tom Petty in the Mid West, talked cars and girls with Bruce Springsteen in Asbury Park, were entertained by Mobsters in New York, Played on A Riverboat in New Orleans. They travelled 35,000 miles across 50 states of the usa in a Ford econoline living on jack Daniels $20 a day, microwave burrittos and show salads. They have been locked in a Dutch prison cells, fined by highway patrols, refused entry to canada, threatened by gangsters, intimidated by armed guards, cussed by rednecks, refused service at truck stops, They've been spat at, showered with coins and bottles. In the Nineties the Band Was not active but Jean-marie Carroll the Bands main composer and guitarist worked with Sex Pistol Glen Matlock and New York Dolls Johnny Thunders.

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Bones Park Rider

Fat Piggy MC

Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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