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Altered Sky

This State Of Ours + They Say Fall

Open your eyes – and look to the Altered Sky!
Once upon a time a group of friends had a dream about making music together – but far from being
a fairy tale, the story is coming true for Glasgow rock band Altered Sky.
In the words of lyricist Ana Nowosielska, they are “painting stories in real life” with their infectious
brand of self-written material – and it’s never too late to join in the fun as they embark on an ambitious
programme over the next year.
A number of bands these days are female-fronted and a few have girl drummers, but not many outside
all-female groups have both. That’s just one reason why Altered Sky stand out from the crowd.
Formed in 2010, the hard-working five-piece have travelled along the traditional route of playing
small venues up and down the country.
Those efforts look set to bear rich fruit as the stages, crowds, and fanbase all become bigger, as do
with the bands they play alongside.

Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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