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Havana Rocks

Aonia + Black Moon Rising

Havana Rocks is an enigma.

How talented artists from Sheffield, Halifax, and Huddersfield came together to form what is perhaps one of the most dynamic Heavy Rock outfits in the UK, defies explanation.

Andy,Jay,Tony and Mark have all served their apprenticeships in this very exacting industry in other bands.They eventually moved forward in their ideals in forming Havana Rocks. Wearied of regurgitating timeless classic rock covers, the guys made the critical decision to write their own material. Six months down the line and 6 new songs later they hit London as a support band for already established outfits. The reviews from some well established critics was very positive indeed and that gave them the confidence to build on and consolidate the unmistakable music which is Havana Rocks..

In 2009, Havana Rocks produced an EP. This was distributed to the music industry Europe wide and received many accolades and plays on radio stations both at home and on the Continent. One of the songs from that EP was used in the American Internet film production.

Following the release of their album 'STAR' in 2010, the band ventured into Europe and played gigs in Belgium, Amsterdam, France and Italy. These tours proved so successful that return gigs are set for 2012 with the inclusion of Germany and Switzerland.

What you get with Havana Rocks is a show reminiscent of the combined efforts of Queen, Motley Crew, AC/DC, Hendrix and many more of the top quality stadium rock bands of the 70's and 80's with a magical twist that is now a band of immense quality.

Ladies and Gentlemen. We present to you:


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Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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