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Riverjuke Presents: The Last Carnival

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The heat of the night sticks to the skin. A sweet smell, a strange mix of engine oil and candy, scents the air. Electric energy dances, a scary thrilling thing. Dust kicks from boot heels that walk the narrow aisles between the attraction tents, all barely lit and abandoned. Their heavy canvas drapes are old and worn, once garish colours a rusted fading memory. There’s a distant noise from somewhere up ahead. Through the gloomy mist of lost promises and stolen dreams the spark and crack of a dying light bulb demands attention.

A Big Top spreads out to fill the view – its grand entrance all sweeping swags of gold sprinkled red curtains. An ornate ‘A’ board has ‘House Full’ scrawled on its black face. The Big Top curtain moves. A petite hand with fingernails varnished bright red pulls back the drape enough to allow a stunning young red headed woman with the longest legs you’ve ever seen to step through. You’ve never seen her before but know her name is Luisa. Her silver dress sparkles with stardust and she smiles as her right index finger beckons you forward.

You turn to follow her along a dimly lit corridor where hanging pictures glide past on either side, images of all the musical heroes you could ever name. Behind a black doorway the roar of a crowd thunders, its volume blunted behind a blanket of suppressed frequencies. Luisa stops and turns with wonder twinkling from her ocean blue eyes. Her right hand grips a hanging gold rope which she pulls down with a flick of wrist. The doorway peels open. An explosion of sound and light engulfs your world as you enter the auditorium. A sea of crowded bodies, bounce Bone To Bone in waves of motion to the sound of Rock n Roll guitars roaring from the floodlight bathed stage of dreams. A shock of emotion shakes your soul, suddenly you want to be one of those Dance Floor People, suddenly there’s belief in the future, suddenly you actually feel alive. You have to get close to that stage, to live with that power, to taste and feed on that glory for one tiny trickle of time before the dream is over, before the strings of The Last Carnival fade to quiet and then to silence. You could get dancing if you move your feet. You could get dancing to a brand new beat.

We could Get Crazy…

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Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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