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Creative Sounds Presents: The Colour Line

+ Liberatae Mae + Years Between Decades + Elegies

Alongside a relentless touring schedule, technical hardcore quintet The Colour Line are consistently proving themselves to be one of the UK’s most exciting new bands; by seamlessly fusing together the raw aggression of hardcore with the forward-thinking musicianship found in progressive metal, The Colour Line create a completely fresh blend and unique style of music, all the while maintaining a passionate, frenetic and relentless live performance delivered with a level of intensity that other bands simply cannot reach.

The Colour Line is quickly becoming a name renowned not only for a reckless live show, but also for their ability to force past the musical, mental and physical boundaries of their audiences as well as themselves. Though their widely anticipated debut release for Destroy Everything Records is set for autumn 2014, The Colour Line have already won over lovers of both the technical metal scene and hardcore scene with their first E.P (entitled ‘Riff City’), and have since been hotly tipped by Rock Sound Magazine and Metal Hammer Magazine as ones to watch for 2014.

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Doors 6:30PM, age 14+


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