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Creative Sounds Presents: Double Experience

The Velcro Teddy Bears + Perfect Parachute Picture + XXXGirls + The Rubber Sound Experiment

Double Experience believe in cold facts.
FACT: You don't like your time being wasted.
FACT: Double Experience have toured across six countries, performing over 500 shows and travelling over 100,000 miles.
FACT: Double Experience are bringing the "roll" back into rock music
FACT: You have never heard of Double Experience.

The band aim to change the latter by way of their latest album, "721835"; a curious collection of songs that demand to be heard. The album was released exclusively in the form of trading cards in 2013 prior to it's upcoming physical release in 2014. (each card contained different songs, videos, pictures and other hidden features created by the band for the collector to discover). The music was recorded by fellow science-fiction aficionado Al Jacob (He is Legend, A Skylit Drive) in North Carolina.

But even futuristic, forward-thinking bands have a past, and Double Experience are no exception. Their previous album, "One Big Quicksand", was technically their debut release – they just weren't called Double Experience yet. The album was recorded and produced by up-and-comer Jayson DeZuzio (Coheed and Cambria, My Chemical Romance) mere weeks after the bands union on Canada Day, 2011 and released via Blue Sapphire/Universal Music Canada.

From the spring of 2012 onward. the band continued to perform headlining tours in Canada as well as the United Kingdom and the USA, booking hundreds of shows independently from outside forces. During this time, Double Experience were also given the opportunity to record theme music for "The Legend of Thunder", a popular Machinima director / Video Game Commentator with over 59 million channel views. Their travels also included a showcase at Canadian Music Week 2014 and a fifty date tour of the United Kingdom.

And although you've still never heard of Double Experience, after everything you just read, you can't wait to change that.


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Doors 6:30PM, age 14+


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