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Three Trapped Tigers

Rolo Tomassi + The Physics House Band + Fly On Byrd, Fly On(Appearing as part of Tramlines Festival)


Fly On Byrd, Fly On - 3pm

The Physics House Band - 4pm

Rolo Tomassi -5pm

Three Trapped Tigers - 6pm

Tom Rogerson, the virtuoso pianist madman who crept out of the same sleepy Suffolk town as Brian Eno, had written 2 operas by the age 16. Growing up with classical music until the age of 18 he had never heard of, let alone actually heard, any of the genres that music fans, journalists and live audiences now struggle to associate with his band Three Trapped Tigers.

Flanking Rogerson in TTT are Matt Calvert (guitar/synth/sound design/producer) and Adam Betts (drums/electronics). The London trio formed 4 years ago after all meeting through London’s experimental music scene.

The band’s sound was brought about through a shared love of electronic music, hatred for their own dependency on modern technology (in and outside of music) and the musicianship which allowed them to attempt to redraw the lines between electronica and rock.

This is humans replacing machines. Like a post-war science fiction novel in reverse.
Is it possible to replicate the manic, clinical drum programming from Warp’s back catalogue with a live drummer? No. But the attempt to do so throws up something more passionate, sporadic, energetic and exciting than any other band in recent history.

With a trilogy of EPs out on independent label ‘Blood and Biscuits’, 2011 saw the release of their highly anticipated debut album ‘Route One Or Die. It cannot easily be filed beside any other album. It’s unlikely that the ambition, ability and audacity will be matched by any other album last year.
Having avoided being pigeonholed for 3 consecutive EP releases, TTT have formed their own genre, the masterpiece of which is their debut album.

The innovative concoction of live electronics, classical composition, raw live energy and furiously progressive musicianship will leave the listener in a daze.

This is not a band, nor an album, for hyperbole and edgy adjectives. It’s a band and an album that simply needs to be heard.



Doors 2:00PM, age 14+


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