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An acoustic evening with Andy Cairns (Therapy?) @ The Greystones

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For the last 20 plus years, singer/guitarist Andy Cairns has helped redefine the global rock scene thanks to his work in Therapy? Opening their account in 1990 with the release of their incendiary first 7” single ‘Meat Abstract,’ the track saw Cairns and Co. lauded by the likes of the late great John Peel and by the time they released their first album [‘Babyteeth’] a year later, they were hailed as a more cerebral, much-welcome alternative to the then cock-rock cluttered musical climate and spear-headed a new wave of music whose impact is still felt to this very day. 

Uniting punks, metalheads, indie kids and everyone in-between with their un-pigeonhole-able and unmistakable sound, the Ballyclare, Northern Ireland-born musician has happily straddled multiple genres over the course of 13 studio albums and counting. Inspired by the likes of Captain Beefheart, the Ramones, Husker Du and many more, Cairns’ songs have taken him to stages, stadiums and festivals across the world and Therapy? have shared bills with Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, the Rolling Stones and other household names along the way. 

The last two decades have yielded plenty of career highlights for the tunesmith. For example, Therapy?’s fourth album, the Mercury Music Prize nominated, million-selling ‘Troublegum,’ was a huge commercial success that featured era-defining songs such as ‘Screamager,’ ‘Nowhere’ and ‘Die Laughing.’ 

Doors 7:30PM, age 18+


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