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The Dirty Youth

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In 2010 The Dirty Youth released their debut single 'Fight' which went on to take the internet by storm, resulting in 'Fight' going viral in a short space if time racking up over 3 millions of views on Youtube

This was shorty followed by their critically acclaimed debut album 'Red Light Fix' which fuelled the fire for the band to grow a strong global fan base resulting in touring the World with massive acts such as Grammy Award winning superstars Korn, The Rasmus and Reckless Love to name a few.

The band has also made some mamouth appearances at the Hyde park beside Bruce Springsteen, Get Away Rocks with Slash and Motörhead and the band were also invited to play the Second Stage at Download Festival 2014.

South Wales titans 'The Dirty Youth' now get ready for the next chapter of their careers with the release of 'Gold Dust Part 1'

The Dirty Youth have taken a pioneering approach to the release of their album, offering exclusivity to gig goers, as they feel their passion is the essence of moral that keeps music alive.

The Dirty Youth are:
Danni Monroe - Vocals
Matt Bond - Guitar/Keytar
Luke Padfield - Guitar
Leon Watkins - Bass Guitar
Freddie Green - Drums

Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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