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Havana Rocks

Chasing Dragons + Lesbian Bed Death + Ginger Tom

Havana Rocks was created in 2008.

From that early beginning they have developed their craft until today they are a musical force in terms of the genre of heavy classic rock. Havana Rocks were of the mindset that they needed to produce their own music based on and around the epic rock bands of two decades ago. To that end, they almost hermit like, hid themselves away and worked consistently on self generated music for a long period of time. When they were content amongst themselves at the quality of their material they tried it out on members of the rock loving public.

    Following tours of London and other National venues in support of other established  rock bands, Havana Rocks were confident, as a result of very positive feedback, that they had made the grade in this very exacting industry. This resulted in the band producing their definitive first album 'STAR'. Sales were unprecedented and that album is now in its third edition and following a very successful European tour in 2010, Havana Rocks now headline at some of the best National venues.

    With an ever increasing fan base, Havana Rocks pack out venues which invariably results in re-bookings and requests to perform at others. One thing for certain, their show is reminiscent of the quality stadium rock bands of the past resulting in invitations to participate at acclaimed Rock Festivals.

    Havana Rocks is currently working on their next album and are confident that their success is secured.


Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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