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#UNEARTHED part of the ''Out of This World Festival''


To finish off Corporations legendary Halloween weekend, we are proud to announce that we will be part of Sheffield's first annual City Centre ''Out Of This World'' festival, promising to celebrate all things out of the ordinary, ‘Out Of This World’ will bring a blend of Sci-Fi, comic book and gaming to aliens, Halloween and horror, from magic and illusion to heroes and villains to the people of Sheffield.


With the freaky mix of Magic, Burlesque and Krazy Circus Skillz, The Local Authority's "#UNEARTHED" will titillate, stimulate and damn right annihilate your senses!


Never a truer thing was said than "idle hands are the devil's tools" as out of mischievous boredom #UNEARTHED was born. The messed up 'brain child' from the creators of '#100daysofmagic', #UNEARTHED promises to be just as grandiose but with a large amount of the Halloween magic.


The team behind '#100daysofmagic' are no strangers when it comes to outlandish wonder, they are sure to amaze and astound with their incredibly bizarre stage illusions. Incorporating needless danger into their act "just for the laugh", these people are a serious A&E trip waiting to happen, it'll have you thinking "just how many times did they injure themselves in practice......?"


'Raven Noir' isn’t as she first seems, in no time at all you'll be shielding your eyes with your hands, whilst seeking a peek through your fingers, you'll be genuinely awe struck at 'Raven Noirs' burlesque routines with gruesome twists.


Our very own Sheffield University's 'Flying Teapot Circus' will be bringing the light-hearted fun to the party.........That’s a lie! It Halloween after all!! Expect the unexpected from these Guys (& Dolls) their dark sense of humour won’t disappoint.

Doors 7:00PM, age 16+


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