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I Am I

Fahran + Ajenda + Support

I AM I     

 The formidable driving force behind I AM I is singer ZP Theart. A founding member of the renowned UK metal act Dragonforce, he made four studio albums and a live record with the band and toured the world fora decade, eventually performing to audiences of up to 85,000 people. His time with the group also saw him nominated for a Grammy in 2009.

After his departure from Dragonforce in 2010, ZP worked tirelessly to put together his own group and, after carefully handpicking a set of expert musicians, the result was one of the most exciting new rock bands of 2012, I AM I. A promotional single entitled ‘Silent Genocide’ in the summer was followed by the release of a debut album, 'Event Horizon', in September 2012. Written and produced by ZP and Polish born guitarist Jacob Ziemba and mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow (Helloween/Masterplan), its stunning blend of melody filled metal and riff based rock topped off by ZP's soaring vocal performances completed a package that was acclaimed worldwide by critics and audiences alike. A plethora of excellent UK reviews included:

“Superb debut built around stratospheric vocals, gravity-defying hooks and guitar-based drama.”KERRANG!

“A promising debut. ZP Theart’s voice remains as commanding and melodic as ever.” METAL HAMMER

“Soaring, majestic, triumphant, inspiring and uplifting.” POWERPLAY

Released shortly after their first festival performance at Bloodstock Open Air, I AM I supported the album with a set of UK dates. Tours with Ugly Kid Joe and Skid Row ensued, while the band also performed electric and acoustic sets at both Hard Rock Hell 2012 and Download 2013. Generating positive reactions wherever they have played, the band are an absolute must see live, while ZP performs honestly and effortlessly, epitomising everything a real rock front man should be.

Single ‘Silent Genocide’   video - 230,000+ hits on Youtube

Debut Album ‘Event Horizon’

Single ‘You’re The Voice’

Single ‘See You Again’  video – 115,000+ hits on Youtube



Fahran Cover ArtworkBrit heavy rockers Fahran set loose their enticing new album ‘Chasing Hours’ on Monday 11th August through all digital outlets.

Taking from past rock masters such as Queen and Iron Maiden and fusing influence prised from contemporary heavyweights such as Shinedown, Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry, Fahran are poised to take their alluring blend of heavy rock to the forefront of the UK scene.

Formed out of the ashes of Toxic Federation, Fahran came to life in 2012 and their current line up consists of Matt Black (Lead Vocals), Jake Graham (Guitar), Chris Byrne (Guitar), Joshua Ballantyne (Bass) and JR Windsor (Drums). After spending much of their youth together, knowing one another from various local bands within the area, Fahran had an inbuilt chemistry and soon put together an accomplished set. The Brit Rocksters promptly put out their self-produced and self-titled debut album. The record picked up great reviews and helped to form a base for the band. However to move forward, the band decided that a new name was warranted to reaffirm their new direction, which pointed to a darker, heavier and far more mature sound.

The past eighteen months has seen Fahran go from strength to strength; the rock crew have enjoyed success as the openers on the debut I AM I tour in October 2012, as well as supporting UK rock troubadours, Heaven’s Basement. In addition, the band appeared at BT London Live in London’s Hyde Park, as part of the London 2012 celebrations and have made appearances at prestigious festivals such as Bloodstock and Download Festival. However in 2013, the band suffered a set-back when their original bass player, Alex Stroud, and singer, Nick Whitcroft, left the band. Fahran consequently drafted in new bassist Josh Ballantyne and new singer Matt Black, who after entering the fold, have breathed new life into Fahran’s already abundant sound.

Fahran Online Promo ShotThe quintet are now fully revitalised and have just completed work on their sophomore album ‘Chasing Hours’. The album is quite an achievement, packing together neatly bonded heavy riffs with intricate and imaginative lead breaks backed by the powerful pipes of Matt Black. The record hits you on all fronts and fuses intensely contagious vocal lines, a stout rhythm section, and high paced guitar licks. Their new single ‘I Heard A Joke Once’ delivers a hefty blow and their previous single ‘Take This City Alive’ lights up proceedings, along with the fantastic ‘Some Kind Of Family’ and the melodic guile of ‘Storms We Ride’. The band have produced a blazing and admirable slice of heavy rock, and armed with an army of fans, the stage is set for the band to kick on and break out to the nation.




Ajenda are a 4 piece rock band Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Fronted by diminutive power house singer 'Jen', Ajenda have cultivated a sound which takes the best of the sub genres within Rock and blends them together seamlessly to deliver a powerful / dynamic set  live set.

 Tours of Finland and Slovakia , festival appearances at hard rock hell,Ibiza road trip and numerous high profile supports and irish headline shows have raised the bands profile  and helped build a loyal fanbase.

The band have  2 promo single releases from the debut cd 'Unrecognizable' 

"Tattoo" and "Hatred and Greed"  which have both  been very well received by the music press and rock fans alike.

Check out what the press have to say about 'Unrecognizable'

"Vitriol in a velvet glove....an album that combines the husky and the smooth, the pain and the passion, the heartfelt and heartbreaking"    Belfasts Metalheads Reunited

“I always wondered what would happen if US pop star P!nk fronted a heavy rock band, and now I think my dreams have come true. Ajenda are a band hailing from Belfast, NI, and in vocalist Jen Walker there is an air of that P!nk vibrancy, melody and attitude. Hell, even Jen’s look can at times take on that P!nk aura and I’m all for it if she can pull it off, and boy can she…” Metal Forces Mag

“more rooted in the classic rock style of say early Heart...surely one of the brightest hopes to emerge in 2013"  Getreadytorock

"Ajenda gives a mellowed twist to rock n roll with deftly played melodies that are allowed to swirl around the room like smoke before settling on the ears and underlying it is a well formulated framework which gives the music plenty of oomph"  Emerging Indie bands

"The album starts off with Dirty Rock N Roll; this sets the scene perfectly and showcases Jen's vocals, and it instantly reminds me of Lizzy Hale of Halestorm - both share that husky/raspy voice.....it's instantly catchy and straight away it's clear that this band is something special..." Bring me the noise

Doors 6:30PM, age 14+


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