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Rhino featuring John Rhino Edwards of Status Quo

+ State Of Quo + The Charge + Havana Rocks

In a rare break from his day job as the bass player with rock legends Status Quo, John ‘Rhino’ Edwards will tour the UK and Europe in spring 2015 with his side band Rhino’s Revenge.
Featuring his sons Max on drums and Freddie on guitar, the band’s line-up is completed by multi-instrumentalist Matthew Starritt.
The tour will support the arrival of the second Rhino’s Revenge album – 15 years after the band’s debut was released by Eagle Records. 
“By any standards, that’s a long time between albums,” says Rhino, “but when you’re fortunate enough to be in a band like Quo, you’d don’t get too much spare time!”
Having previously been a member acts including The Climax Blues Band, Space and Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Rhino was invited to join Quo  in 1987 and has been permanent in the line-up ever since.

Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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