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Kory Clarke /Warrior Soul)

+ Soul Shredder + Perfect Crimes

Born, Detroit, Michigan, lived through the riots, heroin wars, cocaine cowboy-ism, and absolute unappreciated isolation.

Kory honed his skills as one of Detroit’s best drummers with the guidance of Adam Smith, (Chicago Symphony Orchestra), whom he studied under for 6 years and he taught him much. Growing up in the 1970’s, Detroit, which was the most influential rock n roll audience in the world at that time, he devoured rock and lived it.

Coming of age in the 1980’s, he created the Detroit band “The Trial” ‘83-84’ with guitarist Kevin Quinn. He co-produce a record in LA with legendary producer and weirdo Kim Fowley.

Kory Clarke then moved to New York and started doing solo spoken word shows called Kory Clarke/Warrior Soul and on a bet turned the performance piece into a band and managed to get a major record deal from Geffen records after a major bidding war.

Warrior Soul, with high powered management and a massive record label should have done the trick for this great singer/song writer but unfortunately again he was too far ahead of his time. As the 1990’s turned into a hip hop graveyard, he moved to LA to start a new project that again was to influence new rock n roll bands worldwide and yet still just critical acclaim and not enormous sales.

Going into recluse, in the years 2000 – 2003, he gave up on his musical career again to concentrate on his Spoken Word and live a quiet life. The situation changed in 2004 when he started playing again as a Solo Artist as Kory Clarke/Warrior Soul. Beginning to write again, he joined Dirty Rig, with the promise of rock riches once again. Again, this was a temporary situation of one Album, 2 Tours and out, that ended up with him going back to Warrior Soul and creating a new record.

Kory reformed Warrior Soul with another new line-up creating a new album now known as ‘Destroy the War Machine’. The band has been touring since 2007 and continues to release records.

Kory now lives outside the USA anonymously. He makes records, paints, writes poetry and produces records, enjoying his life in freedom.

Doors 6:30PM, age 14+


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