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+ Secret Romance + Cause Of Denial + Pavilion + Numb Youth

A Post-hardcore, Metalcore band from Sheffield. Once upon a time, five members came together with the common interest to make music. They are Bill Hobson - Lead Vocals, Tom Walker - Bassist/Backing Vocals, Chris Ogden – Drummer, Liam Gratton – Guitarist, Matt Baxter - Guitarist

"With an innovative style that's entirely their own, Inherit The Stars are the latest giants rising from the depths of the Sheffield music scene. No strangers to hard work, these four lads share a dream of success that they are determined to make a reality, with endless amounts of talent and willpower on their side.
They bring together memorable guitar riffs, a symphony of strings, drums like a thunderstorm, and extraterrestrial synths, creating a force of sound that grips you by the ears and demands that you sit up and listen.
Unlike many new bands of today, Inherit The Stars refuse to be tied down to one genre of music. On both their debut album and their new E.P., you can find metal tracks side by side with potentially classic pop songs, both written and recorded with expertise. As varied as their tracks are, they still carry that unique Inherit The Stars mark; they drive home a will to succeed, and a need to better the human race as a whole.
The name "Inherit The Stars" encompasses everything the band believes in. Fascinated by Space and the world we live in, the messages in the band's songs range from the problems in the way our world is run and the way we run ourselves, to the wonderment of our existence and our place in the universe.
The band have maintained a strong partnership with esteemed producer Jim Pinder, and together they continue to evolve their songs until they're the best they can possibly be, with no aspect of detail left without scrutiny.
Poised to conquer the music world with carefully crafted and original songs, Inherit The Stars are a ticking time bomb, and it seems inevitable that before long, they will explode onto the music scene and will refuse to leave quietly."

CAUSE OF DENIAL                                            Cause of Denial are a four-piece alternative metal/post hardcore band, hailing from the steel city of Sheffield. Combining two lead vocalists, big hooks, layered vocals, harmonies and massive heavy riffs to create a unique style of modern metal. Initially formed way back in late 2007, Cause of Denial has had a break of over a year while searching for the right members. And now with the new line up finalised, and with some new songs they're back to unleash some noise onto the scene!

A three piece band from Barnsley that puts a modern spin on old school rock. Playing gigs around Yorkshire, they'll be recording new songs soon, so stay tuned.

Numb Youth are a four piece punk/rock band from Doncaster. They are formed by Guitarist Niall, Bassist Adam and Niall’s brother Dec on the Drums. They aim to entertain you with their version of punk. Their set list consists of original material with a few covers in there to keep you going. They're influenced mainly by The Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks, The Clash along with bands such as Blink 182, early Green Day, NOFX, Joy Division, The Smiths, and The Jam.

Doors 6:30PM, age 14+


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