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Tyketto + Dan Reed Network *Co-Headline*


Tyketto and Dan Reed Network announce Co-Headline tour for 2016


Dan Reed and Danny Vaughn had long admired each other’s work, but had never met, despite touring across the same circuits throughout the early 1990’s.  It seemed it would always stay that way……


Both bands finally met for the first time at the UK’s Download Festival in 2014.  Promoter, Andy Copping, had booked both bands to close out the Friday night, and at that stage, a friendship based on mutual admiration, and a shared love of the music they played, forged a bond that brings both bands to this point:


For the first time, these 2 iconic bands of the melodic rock genre have announced they will tour together in a co-headline bill that takes in their individual headline shows at the 2016 Hard Rock Hell AOR event in North Wales, with those dates as follows:

11 March 2016: Hard Rock Hell Festival, Pwhelhi, North Wales (Tyketto)

12 March 2016: Hard Rock Hell Festival, Pwhelhi, North Wales (Dan Reed Network)


Scheduling only allows a select few shows, and with no guarantee that the schedules will match up to allow further shows, this really is a “Must See” event:


The Dan Reed Network and Tyketto in a co-headline tour, with special guests:

10 March 2016: Sheffield, The Corporation

13 March 2016: Manchester, Club Academy



In addition, each band will play solo headline shows at the legendary Robin2 in Bilston:

9 March 2016: The Dan Reed Network plus Guests

12 March 2016: Tyketto plus Guests


https://youtu.be/A2vG-zlvvk0 - Tyketto: Forever Young (Official Video)

https://youtu.be/g-Xav5OsTYo - Dan Reed Network: Ritual (Official Video)



Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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