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The name Royal Hunt appeared for the first time in 1989; a brainchild of André Andersen (main
songwriter and the leader of the band) this outfit was created in order to combine basic values of
Classic Rock with progressive, current musical elements. Today, after selling around 1.7 million
albums and touring the world numerous times, the band’s still going strong… here’s the story:
After countless local club tours the band secured their first record deal with Teichiku Records,
Japan (Panasonic branch), a management deal with Majestic Entertainment (USA) and a world
wide publishing agreement with Warner Chappell.
Debut album - “Land of Broken Hearts” came out in 1991 and sold 35 000 copies in Japan alone;
soon it’s been out in USA (through Rondell Records), where it created a buzz through a net of
college radio stations.
An instrumental piece from the album – “Martial Arts” – was picked as a theme tune by Japanese
Wrestling Federation and still is the best selling “sports single” in the country (passed 150 000
Another tour followed bringing the band to Japan as well, where some unplugged performances
created a demand for an “exclusive” release – “The Maxi Single” (1992), which contained 4
unplugged versions of songs from the debut album and two new tracks.
The follow up album – “Clown in the Mirror” - recorded in Denmark and mixed at House Of
Music, NY and mastered by legendary George Marino at Sterling, NY – were released in 1993 by
the abovementioned labels and – selling beyond 60 000 units – brought the band on the road again,
only this time including a two months tour across USA… besides Europe and Japan.
Right after the tour the band’s got their first “hit”, releasing an EP containing 4 live tracks and a
new song – “Far Away” (1995) – which went on top of Japanese rock charts and stayed there for a
while, pushing the sells figures up to 70 000 units… a longer promo tour brought the band to the SE
Asia and most of the Northern Europe.
Next studio album – “Moving Target” (1995), recorded/mixed at Medley Studio (DK) with Lars
Overgaard behind the desk – was the first one to be released world wide (Royal Hunt has finally
inked the deal with Long Island Records in Europe) and paved the way to a 72-dates world tour,
selling around 120 000 copies.
Various rock publications throughout the world honoured Royal Hunt as “the best live band of the
year” as well as “the best album of the year”.
Next year saw the band releasing a double live album – “1996” - accompanied by a “8-camerasshot-
full length VHS” (the concert was filmed/recorded in a prestigious, sold out 5000 seater
Gotanda U-port Hall, Japan)… a combination which is still regarded as one of the best live releases
of the decade.
“Paradox” – the album which many fans (as well as the press) are considering to be a “classic” –
came out in 1997 and propelled Royal Hunt to the top of numerous rock charts around the globe,
followed by a 4 months non-stop tour and another “live CD/VHS” – “Closing the Chapter” (1998)
– showing the band (through a 10 camera set-up) performing the entire “Paradox” with a huge stage
production (completely sponsored by Martin Lights (DK).
In 1999 the band released their next studio album - “Fear”, this time through SPV (Europe), Pony
Canyon (Japan and SE Asia) and Magna Carta (USA). As usual the world tour followed, this
time bringing the band to some new territories - Korea and Russia – and ending on the main stage
of Germany`s Wacken Open Air festival in front of 55 000 people. Royal Hunt – again and again –
rewarded with assorted awards for “best live performance”/”album of the year” from various media
Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles became a basis for a concept trilogy released in 2001: a single
“Intervention”, a full length album “The Mission” and an EP “The Watchers” (claimed to be
“the longest EP in history”, containing over 70 minutes of material). The following tour stretched
over a period of 6 months, including a headliner slot at Pusan Open Air festival (attendance: 25
000, sold out) and Russia (where the band signed a separate record deal with AMG Records for
Russia and CIS).
Without missing a beat Royal Hunt releases their new studio album, “Eyewitness” in 2003 and – in
order to regroup and to reinforce some of their business structures - decides to skip another major
tour, concentrating on a few selected festivals (incl. FireFest (UK) and Italy’s “Gods of Rock”) as
well as countless TV and radio appearances throughout the world.
“Paper Blood” came out in the spring of 2005 and created a substantial stir among the fans and the
press by it’s simplified, aggressive nature and was followed by not one, but two full blown tours;
as a celebration of Royal Hunt’s first double live CD/VHS “1996”, the sold out show in
St.Petersburg´s Music Hall (Russia) was captured by 7 cameras and released as a double
CD/DVD package, simply named “2006”.
Represented by Frontiers Records (Europe), Marquee/Avalon (Japan/SE Asia), Magna Carta
(USA/N.America), Riot Entertainment (Australia) and CD Maximum (Russia/CIS) Royal Hunt
releases “Collision Course – Paradox II” in 2008. Scoring high positions on the charts around the
world and receiving raving reviews in the press, the band’s embarking on yet another tour - this
time including in the fold of “usual suspects” countries like Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland,
closing at the main stage of Sweden Rock Festival (attendance: 35 000)
“Future´s Coming from the Past” live-DVD was released in 2010 just in time for the band´s next
tour in 2011 – a handful of shows in Europe, Japan and Russia in order to pave the way to Royal
Hunt´s next studio album – “Show Me How to Live”. Achieving almost impossible – such as
topping the already impeccable production of previous releases – the album became an instant hit
combining strong songwriting with thoughtful lyrics and virtuoso playing from each member.
Critics were happy, fans were excited and the upcoming tour (SE Asia, Russia and Europe with the
final performance at FireFest, UK) was doomed to become a success – but this time with a little
In order to celebrate Royal Hunt´s 20th birthday the band releases a triple CD and a DVD in one
stunningly looking digipack: “20th Anniversary – Special Edition”. Carefully picked (and slightly
re-mastered) 25 of their best songs representing the evolution of the band on two CDs, a “Royal
Hunt – 93/97” DVD and yet another CD containing some of the “bonus tracks” recorded over the
years… AND some extra stuff as well:
The band re-recorded three of their previously released songs in an “unplugged” version – vocals,
drums, bass and two acoustic guitars – yet in order to do this album even more “special” they wrote
and recorded a completely new song – Save Me - full production and all. With a great artwork to
match this release was a big “thank you” to all Royal Hunt fans for 20 years of uncompromised
After two successful decades of reinventing and improving their genre of music (celebrated
throughout 2012 with a successful tour and release of the “20th Anniversary – Special Edition”
multiple CD/DVD box set, ROYAL HUNT as a brand is about to enter the next chapter of their
Next studio offering - “A Life To Die For” (2013) - was focused on the most symphonic and
dramatic aspect of Royal Hunt. For the first time in the band´s history some orchestral and
classical choir arrangements have been additionally recorded in order to accelerate this dramatic
musical piece into epic proportions.
The following world tour included some new territories – again! – bringing the band for the first
time to Ukraine and Taiwan.
This year Royal Hunt recorded and worldwide released their thirteenth studio album Devil’s Dozen.
It´s been described as a worthy contender to their previous critically acclaimed release; this time
combining the band´s “epic foundry” experience with not only classical instruments but also a rich
pallet of cutting edge and contemporary sounds. The album got rave reviews by the critics
and fans alike!
Tour schedule is already in the works (March – April 2016) as well as a new, thematically
connected and vastly extended line of merchandize. In the meantime this Fall, ProgPower (USA),
LoudPark (Japan) and Rockingham (UK) festivals have already been.
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