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Bring Me The Horizon @ Sheffield Arena

Seated Tickets Block 106 Rows G & H

Sheffield rockers Bring Me The Horizon have announced a hometown show and their Sheffield Arena debut on Sunday 6th November 2016.

One of the most ambitious of modern metal bands they have toured relentlessly, they have conquered the festival scene and provoked extreme reaction both at home & abroad.

BMTH broke out of the metal-core ghetto with their irrepressible tunes, intelligent lyrics and vibrant, untameable spirit bringing in pop fans and alternative kids alike and become the most exhilarating, boundary-smashing rock band on the planet.

The heaviest of bands with a lightness of touch.

In a world where too many bands stay safely in their designated lanes, BMTH are busting out of theirs and taking their hardcore fans with them, all the while attracting new listeners.

Doors 6:00PM, age 14+


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