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Panic Room

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PANIC ROOM make a triumphant return to the Corporation this June, armed with a stunning new Album and Live DVD.
The multi-Award-Winning band will release their 6th studio album this Spring - ‘A brave, beautiful and pioneering work’ -
and this major UK Tour will feature the debut of this exciting new music.

Regarded as ‘One of the best live bands in Britain today’ (Mojo),  PANIC ROOM are leading the way in an exciting new wave of
British alternative-rock.
Their last album ‘Incarnate’ hit the Top 10 of the Independent Album Charts, and the band’s profile continues to rise.

Lead singer Anne-Marie Helder has been dubbed ‘the finest frontwoman of her generation’, with her soaring voice and magnetic stage presence. 
She was also voted 'Best Female Vocalist' for 2 years running in a national music magazine.  ('Prog')

The band recently filmed a breathtaking new Live DVD at the Islington Assembly Hall, London.
Its release in early 2017 will mark the start of a momentous New Year, full of possibilities.

PANIC ROOM's epic performances at The Citadel are now legendary.... 
Don’t miss your chance to witness the next chapter!

Expect to hear:  an explosion of brand new music, alongside the iconic songs and epic anthems which PANIC ROOM are famed for.
Expect to see:  a truly spectacular live show, performed with passion, excellence, genuine warmth and charisma by this world-class band.


• Anne-Marie Helder - vocal / guitars
• Dave Foster - lead guitar
• Jonathan Edwards - keyboards
• Yatim Halimi - bass
• Gavin Griffiths - drums

PANIC ROOM are a unique band, with a unique sound.   

The 5 band members hail from very different backgrounds - Wales, Essex, Runcorn, and Singapore...
& This diversity of roots and influences has created a remarkable fusion of sound, evident in all 5 Award-Winning albums.

Powerful, hypnotic, compelling, with deep and memorable melodies...
Yet often playful and quirky.
Interweaving flavours of rock, pop, jazz, blues, folk, prog and world music, all combining to create a whole new genre.

Infamously hard to define, one eminent music journalist recently noted: 
‘Many bands sound like their predecessors.  PANIC ROOM only sound like PANIC ROOM’.

This was not a conscious move on the band’s part - they simply ‘Make the music we want to make... Wherever it takes us!’
But with 5 world-class musicians in one space, this can lead them down some fascinating paths.

And where the band go, their devoted fanbase will follow -
PANIC ROOM have a vast and booming community of worldwide fans, affectionally dubbed ‘the Roomies’!

In 2016, the fans helped PANIC ROOM to smash through their £25,000 target on PledgeMusic, which enabled the filming of their debut Live DVD in London.
This was one of the most successful UK crowdfunding campaigns of the year, and the band openly thank their ‘amazing’ supporters for making this possible.


OFFICIAL WEBSITE:  www.PanicRoom.org.uk

YOUTUBE:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YNDIGVtZcg

FACEBOOK:  www.Facebook.com/PanicRoomOfficial

TWITTER:  www.Twitter.com/PanicRoomiverse

SOUNDCLOUD:  soundcloud.com/panicroom

Doors 7:30PM, age 14+


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