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New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack

+ Joolz Denby + Dyonisis + Novus:UK

Hard Rocker's New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack bring the music while spoken word legend Joolz Denby brings poetry and stories. Do not miss.


 Sophies family are trying to raise money to get the Hate Crime laws changed to include those who choose an individual appearance, at present, they are not included in that law.
All profile raising for this horrendous case is very, very necessary as it's all too easy for the General Public, the media & government to dismiss Goths etc., as not serious, and as Goths etc tend not to fight back they are perceived by teen gangs as soft targets. More kids will die, be disabled, scarred and mentally ruined by this kind of attack if the law is not enlarged to encompass them. We should be free to dress as we like, to be ourselves without harassment. This case has received world-wide attention since the guilty verdict came in, with many people both here, in Europe & the US pledging to wear the S.O.P.H.I.E wristbands; New Model Army are wearing them on their US tour for example.
Please check out: www.my space.com/inmemoryofsophie 

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Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack 2008

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Joolz Denby 2008

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Novus 2008

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