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Dave McPherson (InMe)

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Here is what the InMe frontman has to say about himself!

I am a singer/songwriter from the characteristic land of Essex. I front the melodic rock band 'InMe', drum with progressive metallers 'Centiment' and make electronic sounds as 'A Devil's Devil'.

I developed my interest for music at a very young age, mostly due to my father's own musical passion. One of my earliest memories is me waking every morning to the sounds of my father's piano medleys. Music surrounds my family tree so I suppose part of this was meant to be. I absolutely love putting my creative thoughts into music as well as lyrics as I have always been fascinated with using words expressively.

I also love being in front of an audience, I don't know if this is masochistic (I generally purposefully make a fool of myself in public) or whether I have some strange desire to show strangers my music! Either way, it is very fulfilling doing what I do and I wouldn't trade it for anything...no matter how much a "real job" can pay. This is very early days but eventually I will release a solo album, but in the mean time I regularly put up random demos or put out D.I.Y EPs which are available from here. It was quite daunting for me to begin with as this is rather different to what 'InMe' does so thankyou to everyone for all the kind words and support.


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Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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