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Rolo Tomassi

+ Talons + Firesuite

"Tramlines and DrownedinSound presents:

Rolo Tomassi - Free Show!

The idea behind Tramlines was simple. Take over a weekend, fill the whole of Sheffield with music and showcase the energy and diversity of the Sheffield Music Scene.

It was a simple idea which the musical godfathers of Sheffield took up with a passion. Matt Helders, Jon McClure and Toddla T – signed up immediately and got to work bullying the musical industry into supporting Sheffield – the music city. And so on the last weekend of July – the city of Sheffield will be filled with music. Every local band worth seeing – who isn’t on tour will be there. The curators musical friends and family will be putting on a show. And to top it all – with the generous support of the council and Hallam FM, there will even be a massive outdoor stage on Devonshire Green.

The enthusiasm was infectious – and attracted outside help - the global legends Ibiza Rocks jumped on board, the massive music website Drowned in Sound and Camden Crawl aficionados – Adventures in The Beetroot Field also signed up.

So with a boat load of peer pressure and the generous support of Sheffield City Council and our sponsors, Tramlines was born.

And best of all – it is free for everyone. July 24th - July 26th – its completely free and will be on all over the city.

Get on Board. 

videoRolo Tomassi - View

Talons - View

Firesuite - View

Doors 7:00PM, age 14+


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