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Heaven 17 @ Magna

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Heaven 17's First ever live performance of Penthouse and Pavements + all their greatest hits.

3 hour set including LED Video Wall (featuring films and digital show from world renowned artists)  and light show by top lighting designer Pip Rhodes.
Guest singer Claudia Brucken from Propoganda and guest Dj's Paul Humphries (OMD) Richard Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire) for the VIP room
5 Local DJ's and 5  bands until 3am.

****This show takes place @ Magna, Magna Science Park, 
Sheffield Road, S60 1DX, Sheffield.****




Influential Sheffield-based band Heaven 17 kick off a European tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of ground-breaking album Penthouse and Pavement with a homecoming gig at Magna Science Park on 6 March.  The band will be performing Penthouse and Pavement in its entirety for the first time on stage.

Special guests for the two-hour multi-media event will include Propaganda vocalist Claudia Brücken.  OMD’s Paul Humphries and Cabaret Voltaire’s Richard Kirk will be guest DJs.

The industrial location is appropriate as both Heaven 17 and production company BEF (British Electric Foundation) were heavily inspired by the steelworks they grew up around.

Vocalist Glenn Gregory and synthesist/backing vocalist Martyn Ware - also a founding member of Human League – will be joined onstage by backing vocalist Billie Godfrey, guitarist Asa Benett, Joel Farland on electric percussion and Julian Crampton on bass.

The concert will also feature the band’s greatest hits, including Temptation, Crushed By The Wheels of Industry and Come Live With Me, plus covers of BEF songs where they collaborated on record with Tina Turner, Chaka Khan and Terence Trent D'arby.

The event will give an insight into the future of multi-media concerts, with a live visual show featuring some of the world’s leading designers, artists and filmmakers who will have their interpretations of the songs projected onto a huge screen.  Guest artists will include Chris Bird (United Visual Artists), graphic designer Malcolm Garrett, Mike Faulkner (D-Fuse), artist Tim Head, Ian Anderson (Designers Republic), Ross Phillips (ShowStudio), Brian Duffy (Modified Toy Orchestra), James Strong, Kim Leliboux, Ed Cookson (The Sancho Plan), BAFTA-winning filmmaker Julian Henriques, Ben Tomlinson, James Bates, Chris Cheeseman, Pip Rhodes and Heaven 17 themselves.

Martyn Ware says: “Magna is a perfect venue for our first ever performance of Penthouse and Pavement.  The sound of the drop forges influenced the sort of music we've made over the years and it inspired our love of industrial and electronic music. It's an integral part of why we love our homeland.

"To have the leading digital artists interpreting Heaven 17 tracks in such an amazing venue will be a thrill.  It is not only a world premier at Magna, but a world first as a gig as it will be a hybrid of art installation and concert.”

Glenn Gregory says: "Penthouse and Pavement is the most important album to us and I can’t believe we never performed it live.  We formed Heaven 17 just after Martin had left Human League and I was in London taking photographs.  I came back to Sheffield, we had a drink and we formed a band!

“My dad worked at Firth Brown’s, just five minutes away from Magna and I remember as a little lad going in there and seeing them make steel and being amazed, so this will be very special for me.  Returning to Magna will stir some real emotions."

The post-concert event at Magna will feature six local bands and six DJs performing in two rooms until 3am.

videoHeaven 17 - View

Doors 8:00PM, age 14+


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