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Monsters O'Rock

Guns N Roses Conspiracy + Temallica + The Dirt + PanteraPlan + Maiden + More!

Corporation brings  you an event of epic proportions.....  Monsters ‘O Rock 2010. A tribute to the legendary Monsters Of Rock festival at Donington Park. This event will be the flagship of many more Monsters ‘O Rock tribute Festivals to come in the future.

On the line-up for 2010, we open up with the mighty Maiden who due to previous flying commitments will be first on the bill for the day. Maiden will be followed on stage by The Dirt, a tribute to Motley Crue who will provide that Dr Feelgood facor. Third up are the thunderous Panteraplan, delivering on hell of a vulgar display of power. (RIP Dimebag). Main support for the evening are Temallica, an awesome tribute to Metallica providing everything from Ride The Lightening onwards. Headlining are the Guns N' Roses Conspiracy. And there are no concerns about stage antics here. These guys actually get on with each other! So, see you all there. Tickets are £14, the fun will start at about 4pm and run up until the club nite starts at 11pm! A VERY MONSTEROUS DAY!

videoGuns N Roses Conspiracy - View

Temallica - View

The Dirt - View

PanteraPlan - View

Maiden - View

Doors 3:30PM, age 14+


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