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Powah feat Silkie @ Dark Crystal (Upstairs)

Rogue State + Mutiny + Autograff + Red-J +DJ Deadbeat + Celt Islam + Junglist Alliance + Ras Sis + Rush + City Skank

SILKIE - Dubstep producer and DJ from West London. He was personally chosen by Mala, along with collaborator Quest, to represent the growing global bass scene in Mary-Anne Hobbs’ live mix showcase Generation Bass in September 2008 on BBC Radio 1, two-and-a-half years after the seminal Dubstep Warz.

“It’s fair to say the dubstep scene has splintered and refracted into myriad Sub(bass)styles over the last couple of years, but at the epicentre of the scene are a few artists who have maintained the original spirit of the style while alloying it successfully with influences that were always hovering on the edges, but never fully integrated. Silkie is one of those artists…who’s heated elements of deeper house and synth driven soul around the glowing core of DMZ’s bassbins to create one of the lushest fusions in the scene.” Boomkat, July 2009.

POWAH is an ever expanding dubstep night based in Huddersfield. They have taken the roots reggae mentality into the dubstep world by forming a collective of DJs, Vocalists and organisers. Working closely with Axis Sound System expands the link with reggae culture and ensures a hefty ammount of bass.

Doors 10:00PM, age 18+


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