Returning to the decks in 2016 – DJ MEL-LOW D!

At the age of 30 Mel-Low D is no stranger to music. She began toying with here dad’s record collection from an early age and her childhood was full of music in and around the family home. At the age … Continued



R2016 DJ announcement, introducing NOISE EXCREMENT!

Noise Excrement has been playing venues for the past 7 years, playing many different genres of a hard variety, making a name for himself playing at Subtitle, warehouse parties, raves and festivals around the UK. Now days recognised for playing … Continued



Announcing DJ Dräcos of FGFC820 for 2016!

Dräcos began DJing industrial clubs in Boston in the 90’s before relocating to New York City around the turn of the century. There he held DJ residencies at numerous clubs around the city for some of NYC’s most notorious industrial … Continued



Back for another Resistanz stage 2 battle, HarleyLikesMusic!

Hailing from the industrial wastelands of Sheffield, comes an artist wielding ancient Japanese technology – so finely and sharply tuned – the edginess will cut through the dance floor like a finely honed katana. HarleyLikesMusic – aka Harley Raine – … Continued



UK debut show for US industrial act – YOUTH CODE!

Born in 2012 out of a Los Angeles bedroom, Youth Code is the creation of Sara Taylor and Ryan George. The band made their spontaneous live debut at LA-based record store Vacation Vinyl’s employee showcase. Word of the incendiary live … Continued