Announcing, from Vienna to Sheffield, comes DJ Thormann!

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In the beginning there was hell – Hellradio! We go back to the year 1997 – the year Thormann was born!
The clubs were formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the dancefloors and the spirit of industrial was hovering over Vienna. And Thormann said, “Let there be music”, and there was music for all the scene venues in Vienna (Megiddo, Avantgarde, Club Pi, Graffiti). Thormann saw the dancing crowd and it was good. And thus he started his own events in 2003.

The years went by and people changed – even DJs changed. Thormann fell in love with techno. The dark side of techno. Then he said “Let there be more techno”, and there was more techno.
Now he performs as a resident of “Spontan Techno – Crew” in front of thousands of dancing bass lovers – and it is good. Thormann will bring his unique sound to this year’s Resistanz Festival and you will witness – it will be good.