DJ announcement: DJ Misfit joins Resistanz 2016!

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DJ Misfit’s journey into dirty beats started 20 years ago after getting hooked on the underground sounds coming from some of the best alternative night clubs that Johannesburg had to offer. He then went on to DJ at events such as PSI-Co, Mushroom Mafia and Lunatech, playing dark psytrance to unsuspecting masses. Unafraid to cross various music styles into his mixes, you can often find him playing anything from hard techno, hard dance, trance, industrial or anything that has a stomping beat and a melodic electronic sound.
His philosophy is why stick to one genre when there’s a whole world of music to explore. Since moving to the UK you would have been able to find him playing at nights like Cybernetics, Gravity, Overdrive, Shock Therapy, Analogue Trash and of course the longest running club night on the planet, Slimelight.
Now looking forward to adding Resistanz to that list, so let’s bring on the noise.